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ATA Webcams



Eiler Fire Threatened the Allen Telescope Array

The Eiler Fire came to within several miles of the ATA the weekend of August 02/03, 2014

Jon Richards - August 07, 2014

Luckily the fire veered off in another direction before it got close enough to cause any damage. Several homes and a restaurant near the ATA were burned down. But, the ATA was untouched.

Power and internet were out for about 48 hours. All of the cryo units in the antenna feeds warmed up and needed to be charged back down to acceptable temperature levels. All but 2 antenna feeds recoverd their cooling, these 2 have to be sent back to the manufacturer for re-cooling.

It took about a day to get things running after the power and internet were restored. There were several network switches that did not like the power fluxuations and had to be dealt with. Several power breakers had problems. Very minor!

As of 4pm August 07, 2014 we were back up and fully operational. We wish to thank all the firefighters for keeping the ATA safe.

(Click pictures for larger version...)

August 02, 2014, 05:38pm: The last webcam picture before the internet connection died.

August 07, 2014. Same location taken with my iPhone after the fire subsided:

August 07, 2014. Panorama of the dishes. You can hardly see the nearby hills due to the smoke:

Hint: Click and view the larger version. If you can zoom in the resolution is quite good.

August 07, 2014. The restaurant 2 miles away was reduced to nothing:

August 07, 2014. Every antenna feed had to have the cryo units recharged while inside the enclosure: